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Web Design & Development

PagerStats is one of the best web design agencies in India, which with its skilled and talented web designers is coming straight up to the top in the preference list of the onlookers.

SEO & Digital Marketing

With the state of the art mindset, technology and skills, PagerStats has proven to be one of the Best Digital Marketing Companies serving the vast global clientele across the globe.

Creative & Graphic Designing

Graphics Designing at PagerStats is the combination of skills, talent and creativity which is delivered by a highly skillful graphic designers that makes us the best graphic designing company in India.

About Us

PagerStats is the fastest growing digital marketing company led by the digital marketing experts from different areas to offer you the best SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Video Marketing, and other Digital Marketing Services at affordable charges.

Our main motive is to teach you what digital marketing is, and how we will perform it to generate more leads for your business. We are not an old digital marketing agency who says we are “SINCE 1980” or have “200+ Employees”, but we are dedicated to our organization, to convert the maximum sales for a great result.

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Our Skills

Digital Marketing
SEO, Social Media Marketing,, PPC/CPC, Adwords Ads, Google Local Search.. 95%
Website Design & Development
HTML/CSS, WordPress, Wix, eCommerce, Startups, PWA, Web Applications.. 98%
Mobile Application & Software Development
Android, iOS, Windows, Linux.. 76%
Graphic Designing
Image Editing, Post Creation, Flyer, Sliders, Graphics, Pamphlets etc.. 87%

What Our Clients Say About Us

The experience of PagerStats team speaks in their work they know what the customers expects.
Editor -
I never thought my website will rank on the first page for a difficult keyword, but they made it.
Mr. KD Singh
Writer - ISHADhari.COM
The website they delivered me is just awesome, with the great design, is quite speed and seo friendly.
CEO - Mockup Bajar
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Boost your business with the help of our web development and digital marketing experts, by providing your customers the best user experience and promoting it on all the platforms.

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The Expert Services We Offer

Website Development, Digital Marketing, Ads Promotions & Video Marketing That Grows Business

PagerStats's Customized Digital Marketing Services for You:-

On the top digital marketing by experts

We never ask you to agree with us; instead, we ask you to make us agree with you. We don’t ask you to select digital marketing packages that include all marketing services to earn more. Instead, we ask for your requirement, you can take whatever services you need, even if you only need SEO/Social Media Service or you need to complete digital marketing service.

Choose Any Service:-

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC/CPC (Adwords)
  • Graphic Design

PagerStats's Affordable Website Development Service for your Brand:-

The Website Thats Speaks and Promote your Business

The time has changed, so the technology is now, it’s not the time where you have to wait for days or weeks to get your website ready. If you’re looking for the same kind of service we will do for you, we offer the time saving and affordable web designing and development services to our customers. The website will be completely customized, where you can make changes yourself. Contact us to get your website development start today.

Choose Any Platform:-

  • WordPress
  • Wix or any platform..

PagerStats's Creative Mobile Application Development Service:-

The Application That Sells and make your Business a Brand

Mobile applications have always been giving users a pleasant experience because of their simple interface, easy usability, and quick response. In some industries like a retail store, eCommerce business, taxi service, food delivery service, etc., the mobile applications work better than the websites and other marketing platforms.

So if you think it can work for your business, you can contact us to know whether it will help you or not, if it can help then we will develop it for you at affordable prices.

Mobile Application You Need:-

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cross Platform Apps

PagerStats's Impressive Software Development Service That Helps:-

The Software that makes your work easy and helps to increase productivity

Softwares have been a part of every industry from the beginning of computers and technology. Software development is the process of several activities like planning, programming, designing, testing, bug fixing, and more while allowing maintenance and development of an application and software.

At PagerStats, we offer our software development services to small and large businesses to make their workflow easy; the experts for software development are experienced enough to understand your requirement, develop and deliver the software you want.

Choose Any Custom Software:-

  • Back-end development.
  • Software tools development.
  • API development.
  • Data Science

PagerStats's Video Marketing Service That Sky Rockets the Sales:-

The Videos that speaks for your Business helps to Generate Leads and Sales

Every person in the IT department knows that video marketing is the future of digital marketing and internet marketing. Did you see the bounce rate of youtube is less than the rate of Facebook and Twitter? More and more people are enjoying online video streaming over many platforms like youtube, amazon prime, Netflix, etc. It is going to increase in the coming time, except these video marketing help the business to grow in less time than the other methods.

If you’re confused about whether video marketing will help your business, we can help you know that, after discussion, if you feel it will help you, then its great. We also have the experts for video marketing services who can shoot, edit, and design any videos for you at affordable charges in a shorter time.

Videos for any platform:-

  • Business
  • Testimonies
  • Music/Song Videos
  • Animations Videos
  • Youtbe/Vimeo/Facebook etc..

Why Choose Us

The Best Digital Marketing, Website Development, Software Development, Graphic Designing Company

Timely Delivery

We are not like other freelancers and companies who promise you to deliver your project under deadlines but never do. Being an expert in the industry, we know how bad it feels like but it will not happen with you if you get your website, web application or software developed by us. We will deliver it to you asap even before deadline dates.

Secure Website

We have our VPS servers for client websites and to host other applications; we take complete care of secure, fast, SEO, and mobile-friendly websites for our customers. Before delivery, we check every site for all the loopholes and issues, which we never find, and if we find we fix it before delivering it to you, to check it yourself.

Results-driven Work

We never promise a work if we can’t achieve the results that you expect from us, as you send us a query for work we will discuss the project with you. After analyzing, we will tell you whether we will work for you or not, and when we promise you to deliver the result, we will work and provide the results, wether the project is SEO or Digital Marketing.

Affordable Charges

As I already said, we don’t work to earn a considerable amount from you. We don’t work on win-lose situations; we work according to win-win situations so that neither it affects your pocket and nor do we to work for you in the budget you gave. In between, we will work on what’s best for you and us, and for sure, the pricing will be less than the other companies and expensive freelancers.

No Bound Sign

We have no written bound, that if you start then, you’ll have to get work done for this amount of time from us. We work for you, not for us; whenever you think our work is not satisfying you or we are not delivering the results, you can let us know a month before leaving and hire any person or company you want, and all the data we have will be shared with you for the future use.

No Extra Charges

The packages and charges, according to your requirement, will be discussed before we start working on your project. E.g., If you have to get your website developed, according to the type of website, no of pages, we will let you know the expenses. And the same for different services like SEO, social media marketing, PPC, software development, etc., and after decided, no extra charges will be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing (internet marketing) is the method of promoting products and services using digital media, devices, or digital platforms, e.g., TV Ads, Facebook promotion, Instagram ads, influencer marketing, youtube ads, adword ads, etc.

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the strategy of ranking a website on a search engine for keywords related to your business that can help you to increase traffic, engagement on a website, drive leads, and conversion to sales.

What is Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing and social media optimization are two different strategies and techniques done on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In Social media optimization, we optimize the profiles with regular posting, commenting, driving more engagement, etc.. Still, in social media marketing, the ads are run on demographics that can help your business generate leads and sales.

What is PPC, CPC

PPC stands for Pay per click, and CPC for cost per click, it is the part of ads where the fee of click is charged per click wisely, whenever the user clicks on your website or profile.

What is Website?

The website is the collection of HTML and CSS web pages linked to each other to display content, graphics, images, and videos to the users to generate revenue.

What is a Web Application?

The web application is the web-based application that gives the user the experience of using a mobile app over any browser, e.g., eCommerce stores, Just Dial, OLX, Amazon, etc.

What is the Mobile Application?

A mobile application is simply an app or software developed to use on a mobile phone, e.g., Amazon marketplace, Flipkart, WhatsApp, Facebook app, Instagram, etc.

Do you Offer all These Services?

Yes! We have experts for all these services, who will work for you with their best knowledge and years of experience to give you satisfaction with our work.

What are the charges of these services

The charges are different for different services according to your requirements and projects, e.g., the website with five pages will have varying charges, and the site with ten pages will have different charges. If you want to know the pricing, contact us by clicking here.

How you are different from the other companies.

Simple answer:- We are dedicated to working, and we are not money minded. We will say yes to your project only if we will be able to achieve the results and deliver your project in the deadline you want. If we feel we can’t do it, then we will not take the project from you to earn only.

Why should we hire you?

    • Timely deliver
    • Secure website
    • Results-driven work
    • Affordable pricing
    • No extra charges
    • Satisfied services
    • Anytime follow-ups
    • Customized services

How to contact you for your assistance?

Call us at 7009949218, email us at or send us a query on contact us page.