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Being an experienced SEO specialist who has worked with multiple companies as and SEO analyst can answer many question that comes in your mind as an fresher or even experienced. In this article I will share some of the answers and my opinios that could same of vary for other Digital Marketing Experts.

Amandip Singh

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When someone asks me what Job I do, every time, I get confused in my head what to answer him/her. That is what I do.

Whenever I answer I am an SEO analyst, they again ask what it is, I have never heard about it before. I tell them that I help the clients to organize their website for showing up their products and services on Google and other search engines like Bing, duck duck go and Yahoo, etc.

And when I tell them this, they obviously think it is a cool job, which is actually, and also sometimes I answer them I do digital marketing when I am not in the mood of briefing what to do when they don’t know about it already.

But I think it is ok, not everyone knows about the designations of others, even we didn’t know what SEO was until we studied it, but still, we can’t tell them how excellent and in-depth SEO is.

So further in this page as an SEO Specialist I will brief: what SEO is, can it be an opportunity for your Job, will SEO die, does SEO is dull, how do you enjoy working as SEO analyst, how much can you earn and other important questions about SEO and SEO Specialist.

So here we go

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of changing the position of web results to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and duckduckgo, etc. using SEO tactics and increasing the quality of a webpage for search engines and users.

How Do I Feel Being an SEO Specialist?

If you want to hear it’s boring then sorry to disappoint you, but SEO is a good job, only if you work with dedication and always keep learning about the new trends, techniques, updates and suggestions from your fellow friends or experts. I have worked in 2-3 other industries, but I like being an SEO analyst more than other jobs.

Working as an SEO analyst is like an honour to me, because I like it, I also remember those days when I was working in other industries how I passed my day waiting to leave for home, but in SEO you are always busy. You never know when you gave your 8 hours at the office working on your projects.

So yes I like working as an SEO Specialist, and if you think it’s boring then it’s not, that’s entirely on you how you have to work, I agree in some companies they only give you tasks to create backlinks and do regular work that sometimes makes it boring. But if you work in the somewhat same company, then I will give you a suggestion to leave the company asap and search for another company or in a startup where you will have full access to the websites or your project and explore what SEO is, and how enjoyable this work is.

Is SEO Dead?

Lol! Many say that SEO is dead, but I speak only for them who think SEO is dead, because they are not able to rank their websites, because of their disabilities, to explore why it is not working. They are at least 200 factors that affect SEO. Maybe they focus on 5-8 factors maximum that causes them not to rank on Google. So yes perhaps it’s dead for you, but explore little more, and it will be alive again, and your website will rank.

Do You Think I Should be an SEO Analyst?

Simple Answer: If you think you are capable of learning new things continually without being bored, and you are eager to work smartly then working hard to bring results then for sure you should become an SEO analyst and digital marketing specialist.

In this, you have to explore the work of your competitors and work for many projects that you never thought might be working for, so yes it is a right industry to work in, you should give it a try for a satisfying job that never lets you get bored by working for hours.

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